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Escort or Tantric Massage Therapist

What’s best: Escort or Tantric Massage Therapist

I spoke to someone lately whom had visited an escort and whom had a also visited a Tantric massage therapist, a week later.

He explained to me the difference in the set up the style of service and the feelings afterwards. I told him I was interested to write a short article for my blog on the differences between an escort and a tantric massage session.

The main difference is of course, that the escort offered a full service, meaning sexual intercourse. While the tantric massage London therapist offered , what lay men usually term a happy ending.

The escort was classy and did an excellent jib of providing the GFE – The Girlfriend Experience. Two glasses of wine were poured, some  chit chat ensued and ogling on the sofa in the living room, which led to listing and then being led to the bedroom where full sex took place.

When visiting the Tantric massage in London therapist, he was met a the door by a softly spoken lady, whom gave him a swift kiss on the cheek and a warm embrace before telling him to shower and when dry, wrap a sarong around his waist.

He was led to a cushioned area on the floor, told to sit crossed legged and close his eyes. There was a small mediation before he was then led to the massage table, where a light full body, head to toe, stroking style of massage took place.

When he turned to face up, a similar massage took place on the front of his body, and he was then given, what the tantric therapist refused to call a happy ending – a Lingham massage. He was told to focus on his breathing and to relax as she worked her tantric magic on his genitals. He orgasmed strongly. Surprisingly stronger than he had with the escort. That was the magic of breathing and tantra, said the tantric therapist. The pleasure is usually better than sex.